AoS Health combines the experience, know-how and technical resources of public, private and government partners in order to provide comprehensive and open source digital health services.

The AoS Health Initiative

The AoS Health Initiative was established by Blue Frontier, the eSHIFT Partner Network, and the Software for Health Foundation in 2020.  Our team combines the experience, know-how and technical resources of our partners in order to provide comprehensive and open source digital health services.  We share a collective desire to improve the delivery, quality, and sustainability of digital health systems in LMIC environments and collaborate with multiple public, private, and government organisations to achieve this vision.

Blue Frontier IT Ltd

Based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, Blue Frontier offer a full range of technical, web, software and digital marketing services for business. Blue Frontier are proud to be a part of the AoS initiative and to contribute our experience and skills, especially in connecting diagnostic instruments and developing health data management systems for world leading device manufacturers. We are committed to using our expertise in innovation and our ISO standard software development capabilities to strengthen the AoS opensource tool kit and help innovate new digital tools within the AoS reference architecture.

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eSHIFT Partner Network

The eSHIFT Partner Network is a Swiss not-for-profit leader in digital health architecture and information systems implementation founded in 2012. eSHIFT is proud to contribute our public health knowledge, health information system and management expertise, and on-the-ground implementation experience to the AoS Health Initiative. We believe our country partners can achieve sustainable and resilient health systems by leveraging ongoing digital health innovation for better health outcomes. The AoS Health Initiative brings us one step closer to achieving this vision.

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Software for Health Foundation

Software for Health Foundation is proud to support the AoS initiative through managing a portfolio of opensource, cloud based and ‘free to use under licence’ applications, tools and services, optimised for use in LMIC’s. Our aim is to drive adoption of these digital tools and to advocate for global public goods that conform to the AoS reference architecture. We are committed to creating meaningful and sustainable services and to share knowledge with our benefactors as part of guiding them on a path to self-sufficiency.

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If you would like more information on the AoS Health Initiative or are interested in collaborating with us, fill out the form below or email support@aos.health

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