AoS Health Platform brings together a suite of robust and sustainable technologies, with comprehensive consulting, implementation, and operational services.

It provides a complete solution for healthcare providers to rapidly implement, tailor and maintain digital health systems at country and regional levels.

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The implementation of modern information and communication technologies provides an opportunity to greatly strengthen health systems and improve outcomes. Through more effective data capture, interoperability between disparate systems, and increased capacity for rapid analysis of health trends, technology can enable better informed public health policy and interventions. 

The AoS Health Initiative brings together the expertise of public and private organizations with the purpose of providing comprehensive, well-engineered, open source digital health systems to LMIC environments.  Our goal is to empower national health systems leaders and healthcare providers to build resilient, best-in-class data management systems efficiently and sustainably, thereby enabling the development of data-led programmes and improving health outcomes.

Current focus areas:  Antimicrobial Resistance, Malaria, Tuberculosis, COVID.


The AoS Health Platform consists of hardware infrastructure (cloud or dedicated), software, configuration, customization and localization of digital health equipment, telecommunications infrastructure and software tools to build sustainable reference implementations of complete systems architectures to address one or more public health needs. 

All elements of the platform come together in a ready-to-use hardware thereby abstracting the technological complexities and empowering national health system leaders and healthcare providers to build best-in-class data management systems quickly.  

The aim of the AoS Health Platform is to create efficiency and robustness within all digital health implementations and remove the growing pains (and costs) from both early-stage and seasoned digital health implementations, allowing our county partners to jump-start their digital health infrastructure capabilities. 


The AoS Health Platform has been designed to address the complexities of the implementation of digital health systems. The platform can be leveraged for the deployment of integrated software systems for health data management, clinical applications, and public health surveillance and reporting. The AoS Health Initiative is committed to using open-source and free-to-use under license technologies.


The AoS Health platform provides tools for data visualisation and analysis of public health data to better inform clinical and policy decision-making. The configured toolkits for surveillance of AMR, TB, and other health verticals include software such as DHIS2, as well as statistical packages such as R Studio.


The AoS Health Initiative is focused on building sustainable systems. Through cross-sectoral collaboration, engagement with public- and private-sector entities, and strong country involvement, we continually enhance the platform to ensure its sustainability and flexibility to address surveillance needs. Every country can benefit from the ongoing developments of the AoS Heath Platform, cost-effectively accelerating innovation to inform better policy decisions.


The AoS Health Platform is being developed using an action-research approach with the end goal of establishing the platform tools and methodology as global goods and as reference architecture for digital health deployments. The AoS Health team is committed to providing the results of our efforts back to the global digital health community.


A managed, easily configured system enables decision-makers to rapidly select and install specific pre-configured software that fits their needs. Through a platform approach, tools can be deployed in the cloud or on locally hosted server infrastructure. The AoS Health Platform includes a reference architecture for server deployment.


Interoperability software was created to respond to the growing need to connect disparate systems in the healthcare sectors of the developing world. The aim of the development was to produce an open-source platform designed to collect and route data using programmable mapping in a microservice infrasturcture.

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