AOS Health Platform brings together a suite of robust and sustainable technologies, with comprehensive consulting, implementation, and operational services.

It provides a complete solution for healthcare providers to rapidly implement, tailor and maintain digital health systems at country and regional levels.

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A Complete Digital Public Health Service for LMICS

AoS Health is an orchestrated suite of tools and services capable of data collection, interoperability between internal and existing client systems, as well as data analytics and warehousing. All of the different elements of the platform come together in a ready-to-use hardware (Pandora), thereby abstracting the technological complexities and empowering national health systems leaders and healthcare providers to build best-in-class data management systems quickly. This enables the development of data-led programmes to improve health outcomes in their communities.



Use of a Global Roaming SIM with worldwide coverage, centralised management, and billing that enables real-time connectivity for mobile health data capture.

Our connectivity solution supports all industry standards diagnostic device protocols.


Our middleware solution provides ETL and standard integrations for DHIS2, diagnostic devices, WHONET/Glass, HL7 FHIR, and a restful API that facilitates health data transmission from multiple inputs to multiple endpoints.

Transmitting data from multiple inputs to multiple outputs.


The platform brings together a collection of open-source software and enterprise components integrated by our specialists.

AoS Health is committed to the delivery of systems based around global goods that can be leveraged for the benefit of digital health.


We provide tools and services to facilitate the health information system needs in your country. Our platform enables data capture, data management and analysis that are vital to maximizing data use.

We work to build infrastructure for real-time data transmission from clinics in the field, laboratories or other data sources, to data endpoints such as surveillance systems, clinical applications or health service monitoring tools.


Design, publish, and maintain your own mobile health data capture apps that can be deployed in the field.

Your data will be made available in the data warehouse and DHIS2 in near real-time.


Preconfigured Turnkey AoS Health Platforms (AHP) can be deployed rapidly for specific use cases.

AHP for TB – DHIS2 WHO TB Tracker, GeneXpert integration and consumables management.

AHP for AMR One Health – Human, Animal and Antimicrobial Use indicators and dashboards for DHIS2, WHONet/Glass and LIS integrations (DISA, SILAB, VITEK2)

AHP for Malaria – RDT Mobile app and clinical decision application


Local or cloud-host based installations that allow you to instantly launch your desired environment.

This one-touch installation process is ideal for self-service deployments as well as consultancy led operations.

The platform uses a service-oriented infrastructure so that individual components can be used on their own to strengthen your existing systems.


We are experts in the collection and aggregation of data for analysis and can provide workshops and training in methodologies in translating and representing data.

With the involvement of our partners we can look at processes within your facilities to help you more efficiently report on the data you capture.

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