COVID-19 Tracker

With the spread of COVID-19 the AoS Health Platform has been enhanced to include deployments of the COVID-19 DHIS2 Tracker recently developed by the Sri Lankan MoH and DHIS2 teams at the University of Oslo.

This can be deployed on existing platforms already running with our TB or AMR solutions, or alternatively can be deployed on a new dedicated COVID-19 system either in-country on one of our "Pandora" installations, or alternatively hosted in a secure datacentre in Switzerland.

About the tracker

The COVID-19 Tracker DHIS2 metadata package is split up into four areas;

  • Clinical Exam & Follow Up
  • Contact Tracing
  • Port of Entry tracker
  • Outbreak line listing

See more detail here

AoS Health combines the experience, knowhow and technical resources of partners including The Software for Health Foundation, eSHIFT Partner Network, and Blue Frontier in order to provide a comprehensive and open source digital health services.

The Software for Health Foundation manage and develop the open source interoperability middleware software "Open Interop".

This enables data collection from varied sources, translation and manipulation of data, and forwarding on to connected endpoints. It can be used to connect data sources into your COVID-19 tracker. The Software for Health Foundation also offer a range of connectivity solutions to quickly connect and mobilise you critical health data.

Together, working under the umbrella of AoS Health, we are working toward providing a complete solution for healthcare providers to quickly tailor and maintain digital mobile health systems in country.

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